Supply only a transfer copying!

Our Simplified Implant Restoration Protocol:
No Parts, One Price, Two Weeks

Town & Country Dental Studios, the first Atlantis “Super Elite” Laboratory in the New York metropolitan area, brings you the very latest development in implant technology that decreases chair time while increasing profitability and patient satisfaction.

Our SIMPL Implant requires nothing more than a fixture-level impression, a counter and a bite. No components needed! For one set fee, we return to you a complete implant unit, including a custom CAD/CAM Abutment, ready for insertion. SIMPL implants will save you hours of chair time and hundreds of dollars on components!

Simple to prescribe
Send just a fixture-level impression with transfer coping, a counter model and bite

No doctor-supplied or lab-ordered parts
No need to size, order, stock, ship, track (and possibly lose) implant components…they’re included in SIMPL

Truly complete
SIMPL includes:
         • Abutment Screw
         • Abutment Anti-Rotation Placement Jig
         • Atlantis Custom CAD/CAM Abutment
         • Laboratory Analog
         • All Working Models
         • Soft Tissue Model
         • 100% Technical Support
         • 100% Customer Service
            …just add a crown, coping or temp!

Precision CAD/CAM abutment
After laser scanning the master casts, Atlantis generates an exact 3D image, then designs and custom-mills an ideal abutment out of either bio-compatible Titanium or bio-inert Zirconia.

All this for just $395 plus the crown of your choice
Nowhere else will you find implant fabrication this simple, this advanced, and this inexpensive! Just $395/implant unit plus any crown you choose: PFM or All-Ceramic. And we require just 10 days in-lab to complete your case! Whether it’s your first implant case or your fiftieth, a single unit or a roundhouse, make your next implant case SIMPL. Call Town & Country with any questions and to schedule a free, prompt case pick up. Call 1-800-925-8696 today!

A SIMPL Case: 10 unit bridge on 6 implants

1. Soft Tissue Model
Laboratory analogs are included
2. SIMPL Verification Jig
Confirms that models match the patient
3. SIMPL Abutment Placement jig
Expedites placement without rotation
4. Atlantis Abutments in Place
All abutments are perfectly parallel
5. Metal Framework Try-in
We try-in bridges of 4 units or more
6. Temporaries in Place
We can provide temps as well


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Call…We’re here to help you
Whether it’s a single unit or a full-mouth reconstruction case, we can help you treatment plan and estimate your case. When you’re ready, call Town & Country with any questions and to schedule a free, prompt case pick up. Call 1-800-925-8696 today!


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