Town & Country Dental Studios features some of the most current, technically advanced products that deliver reliable restorations with superior esthetics. The following is a list of our featured products. For more information, please feel free to call us or use our contact form. For your convenience, our RX and In-Lab Working Times sheets are available online.


  All Ceramic Restorations:   PFM Restorations:
  IPS e.max   Base (Non-precious)
  Procera   Noble (Semi-precious)
  Lava   CAPTEK
  Feldspathic and Foil   High Noble Phoenix
  Zirlux   High Noble White
      High Noble Yellow
  Implant Abutments:   Indirect Composite:
  SIMPL Simplified Implant Restorations   Gradia
  Custom Cast Gold Abutments   Provisionals
  Modified Stock Abutments   Radica
  Implant Bars    


IPS e.max Crowns
Empress-like esthetics & CAD/CAM precision without any gold-alloy surcharges!

Trouble-free full contour crowns
Using our InLab system, your crown is milled from a “blue block” of solid Lithium Disilicate Glass Ceramic. Full-contour milling guarantees greater strength by eliminating the need to build porcelain, also eliminating the chance of porcelain fractures, chips and separation. Once stained and glazed, our e.max blends beautifully with adjacent dentition.

Superior flexural strength
E.max’s clinically proven 360MPa strength is three times that of feldspathic ceramics, making it perfect for crowns anywhere in the arch.

Computer-assured anatomical consistency, accuracy and fit
All designing, milling and finishing is done within our own laboratory, giving us the greatest control over quality. Your crown is checked at every step in production, ensuring more accurate margins, contacts and better esthetics.



Bondable and Cementable
E.max restorations can be bonded, or cemented with Ivoclar’s Multilink or a similar resin ionomer cement.

Priced right--without any gold alloy surcharges
E.max restorations from Town & Country Dental Studios are metal-free and are NOT subject to fluctuating gold prices. Since these restorations are full-contour and milled in-house, we can offer them to you at a special price.

Also Available:

  • IPS e.max
  • Procera Crowns and Abutments
  • Lava Crowns and Bridges
  • Feldspathic and Foil Laminates
  • Indirect Composite Restorations


Zirlux™ FC Crowns from Town and Country are a new option for full contour restorations. With these virtually unbreakable all-ceramic crowns, you can provide your patients the strength to withstand severe parafunctional activity and avoid expensive metal surcharges. Zirlux™ FC is a full contoured zirconia crown or bridge with no porcelain overlay. It is designed with pre-shaded blocks so that it is not only strong enough, but
also aesthetically pleasing. Tougher than your average crown, Zirlux™ FC restorations are a nearly indestructible material that will satisfy needs of even the toughest bruxing cases.

Zirlux™ FC advantages

  • Ideal for bruxers & teeth-grinders who have destroyed other restorations.
  • An esthetic alternative to posterior PFMs with metal occlusal and full-cast crowns.
  • Made with biocompatible medical-grade zirconia and pre-shaded for better
  • Monolithic material makes the restoration extremely chip-proof.
  • Fabricated using CAD/CAM technology for consistent fit.

Zirlux™ FC Prep Requirements

  • Shoulder preparation not needed, feather edge is acceptable with our state of
    the art CAD scanning
  • It is a conservative preparation similar to full cast gold.
  • 1.0mm of occlusal space is ideal; however prep with at least 0.5mm is acceptable.

Zirlux™ FC ADA Codes

  • D2740 Crown - Porcelain/Ceramic Substrate
  • D6245 Pontic Porcelain/Ceramic
  • D6740 Abutment Crown Porcelain/Ceramic


Phoenix Crowns & Bridges
Phoenix Crowns and Bridges deliver superior esthetics and PFM reliability. It's our most successful and most popular restoration.

Vibrant Bio-86% Yellow Gold Alloy
The heart of Phoenix is its advanced 86% Gold, 11% Platinum substructure. Palladium and silver-free, its unique formulation gives it superior strength for more accurate margins, better fit and less need for bulk than other high-gold alloys. Perfect for single crowns through long-span bridges.

Precision Casting System
 Phoenix substructures are produced using the most advanced vacuum/pressure casting equipment available. Uniform grain structure, density and accuracy are ensured.


Superior Design
Phoenix substructures follow a design principle that allows for superior esthetics at the cervical margins and more natural emergence profiles.

Unsurpassed Esthetics of Ceramco III Porcelain
Town & Country's technicians carefully layer each Phoenix with Ceramco's most advanced ceramic featuring optimal translucency, true opalescence and chairside polishability. The underlying gold alloy enhances the vitality and warmth of the ceramic even further.

Outstanding Value
Phoenix restorations from Town & Country are competitively priced.

Click here to see our Phoenix portfolio

Also Available:

  • High Noble CAPTEK
  • High Noble Yellow
  • High Noble White
  • Semi-Precious
  • Non-Precious



SIMPL: Simplified Implant Restoration Protocol
Reduce stress and deliver a better clinical result with “Simpl,” our Simplified Implant Restoration Protocol.

Reduce component costs while increasing profitability and patient satisfaction with “Simpl.” Why call it “Simpl”? We require little more than a fixture-level impression, transfer coping, counter and other components needed! For one set fee, you receive a complete implant restoration including a custom CAD CAM Titanium abutment, ready for insertion. These “Simpl” implants will save you hours of chair time and hundreds of dollars in components!

Simpl to prescribe
Send just a fixture-level impression with transfer coping, counter and bite.

No doctor-supplied or lab-ordered parts
Complete your implant cases without sizing, ordering, stocking, checking, restocking, reordering, rechecking, shipping, tracking...and possibly losing...implant components.

Truly complete
Your case comes complete with a soft tissue model, analog, a highly bio-compatible Titanium abutment, Titanium abutment screw, plus an abutment placement jig.

Precision-milled CAD CAM abutment
From your impression, master casts are poured and laser-scanned. Computer Aided Design (CAD) software creates a 3-dimensional rendering of the proposed abutment. After lab approval, your abutment is custom-milled out of medical-grade Titanium using the very latest Computer Aided Manufacturing (CAM) technology. CAD CAM ensures the highest possible level of accuracy and precision. To date, Atlantis Components has custom-manufactured over 40,000 CAD CAM abutments.

No special implant fees
Nowhere else will you find implant fabrication this simple, this advanced, and this inexpensive! Plus we require just 10 days in-lab to complete your case!

Click here to see our Implant portfolio

Also Available:

  • Gold Cast Abutments
  • Modified Stock Abutments
  • ENCODE Abutments
  • and more


Implant Bars

Implant bars via Town & Country are the fastest, easiest way to get high quality, custom-milled, titanium implant bars for overdentures and fixed-detachable implant prosthetics. The strong, seamless, one-piece design is milled from a solid block of titanium, is devoid of any bacterial harboring porosity, and is never welded for the ultimate in strength and long-term predictability. Moreover, titanium’s benefits over conventional alloy options include a lower specific gravity for substantially reduced weight and thermal conductivity contributing to a more natural and comfortable feel for your patients. Nobel Procera milled bars are available for the widest range of implant systems with your choice of attachments.






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