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Patients today have an ever increasing understanding of esthetic dentistry and what options are available for enhancing their smiles. However, even the most skilled dentist can be restricted by the medium of the work-site. It is for this reason that Town and Country offers the GC Gradia™ Micro Ceramic Composite System. Gradia™ is usable for crown and bridge, inlays, onlays and even veneers. The Gradia™ material has the ability to show off natural opalescence and excels in lifelike esthetics. Almost all of our customers have commented on Gradia’s™ ability to give off a good bright and warm looking appearance in the work they receive.

With Gradia™ composite, you get to offer natural-looking aesthetics that blend right into the dentition and still offer something that is extremely wear resistant, yet still kind to opposing teeth.

Gradia™ Advantages

  • ı Quicker fabrication than porcelain
  • A significantly larger range of colors than any other non-porcelain system
  • Gradia™ is adaptable to being layered and will show the different colors.
  • Easy to polish
  • Has a very high wear resistance, yet is still gentle to opposing dentition

Also Available

  • High Noble Yellow
  • High Noble White
  • Semi-Precious
  • Non-Precious


Radica® is a provisional and diagnostic material that uses light curing technology to deliver highly-esthetic, long-term provisional appliances. The simple, time saving procedures allow for easy layering of dentin and enamel, for lifelike esthetics.

  • Up to 2 years in the mouth for inlays/onlays, veneers, crown and bridges through the 2nd bicuspid (1 pontic)*
  • Indicated for fabrication of all provisional dental restorations for up to 6 months
  • For demanding long-term cases, such as perio and implant
  • Has minimal shrinkage with virtually no chairside adjustments
  • Engineered radiopacity optimal for chairside CT scans or X-rays

*Radica indications available upon request
*Metal fee for multi-unit provisionals

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