E.Max (IPS E.Max Crowns)

Empress-like esthetics & CAD/CAM precision without any gold-alloy surcharges!

Trouble-free full contour crowns

Using our InLab system, your crown is milled from a “blue block” of solid Lithium Disilicate Glass Ceramic. Full-contour milling guarantees greater strength by eliminating the need to build porcelain, also eliminating the chance of porcelain fractures, chips and separation. Once stained and glazed, our e.max blends beautifully with adjacent dentition.

Superior flexural strength

E.max’s clinically proven 360MPa strength is three times that of feldspathic ceramics, making it perfect for crowns anywhere in the arch.

Computer-assured anatomical consistency, accuracy and fit

All designing, milling and finishing is done within our own laboratory, giving us the greatest control over quality. Your crown is checked at every step in production, ensuring more accurate margins, contacts and better esthetics.

Bondable and Cementable

E.max restorations can be bonded, or cemented with Ivoclar’s Multilink or a similar resin ionomer cement.

Priced right--without any gold alloy surcharges

E.max restorations from Town & Country Dental Studios are metal-free and are NOT subject to fluctuating gold prices. Since these restorations are full-contour and milled in-house, we can offer them to you at a special price.

Also Available:

  • IPS e.max
  • E.max EZR Prime
  • Feldspathic and Foil Laminates
  • Indirect Composite Restorations

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